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Senator Correa will vote soon on the fracking moratorium bill

The fracking moratorium bill, SB 1132, cleared its last committee last week and will be voted on by the full Senate this week.
We don’t know yet if we have the votes to pass the bill — but we know we’re close. So we need to turn up the heat on senators who haven’t committed to voting ‘yes’ on this critically important bill.
It’s urgent that you make a call today and urge your senator, Lou Correa, to stand up to the fracking industry and support the moratorium bill. Your call really could be the difference between success and failure when the Senate votes this week.
Last week, the fracking fight was rocked by the bombshell news that the Energy Information Administration is slashing its estimates of how much oil could be recovered from the Monterey Shale by an astonishing 96 percent.
This is a political game-changer and should be the final nail in the coffin for the oil industry’s misguided assertion that fracking is key to California’s prosperity.
That means there’s all the more reason for our leaders to halt fracking in California while we study the consequences and ensure that public health and the climate are protected.
CREDO activists have gone all-out to support this bill. We’ve submitted nearly 22,000 letters of support for the bill, made over a thousand phone calls, packed every committee hearing, and attended a dozen meetings with our elected officials and their staff. And our pressure is working. The bill would never have made it this far if there wasn’t overwhelming grassroots support in every corner of the state.
A recent poll found that an incredible 68 percent of Californians support a moratorium on fracking. But SB 1132 is Public Enemy Number One for the oil industry, which is spending big to kill it, so we need to keep the pressure on our legislators.
Thanks for fighting fracking.

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